Carlos G Iriarte

Carlos G Iriarte Carlos G Iriarte
Puebla (Messico)

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Data di nascita: 30/09/1972
Residenza: Puebla - Messico

 Carlos G. Iriarte is a freelance designer with a degree in Graphic Design and Arts Communication, entitled to honorable mention for his contribution of the thesis "The media and the psychology of color as a means to positively influence the mood of the people infected with AIDS on a terminally stage of Organization Caritas in México.
He worked for various local advertising and interior design firms. Together with his family founded a courier company and left a bit the graphic design, but his passion for art and painting has never been entirely abandoned and continues developing various works of art, and with time came the idea of creating the collection of paintings "Angels in sight" which is now introduced to you.

“Angels in Sight” is a very special artistic project that has reached its culmination and you can see a reflection of the enthusiasm and energy that come about naturally when we develop an idea that we like.

The theme of this work was not planned, I just let myself be led by the technique that I decided to use in these paintings, and that allows you to see all possible forms, to which imagination gives life so, thanks to the changeable nature of the materials, thanks to the juxtaposition of paper, paint, inks, etc., I discovered silhouettes, bodily forms that I was developing until I reached the conclusion of each one of these pieces. I wanted to see, and I looked, and what I saw spontaneously was the first image that would be the beginning of a series of paintings that today comprises 50 works in mixed technique on paper that allude to these kind creatures, messengers of truth.

Of course speaking of angels always takes on a religious tone, however my work was done for merely artistic purposes.


  • Patiently
  • Truth never dies
  • Protection
  • Hope II
  • Protection
  • Truth, Peace and Justice

Commenti sulle opere di Carlos G Iriarte:

Benvenuto anche quì :-) bellissime opere!!!!!!!!!!
commento di Letizia sull'opera There is someone who cares - mercoledì 15 luglio 2009 alle ore 12:33

davvero bello questo lavoro!..soprattutto nei colori caldi che hai utilizzato:)

commento di Rita Renny sull'opera The energy of love - giovedì 16 luglio 2009 alle ore 14:04

Thank you, spare the compliments for your work very special ... bravo.

commento di Pierluigi Bruno sull'opera Intelligence and Will dancing - mercoledì 22 luglio 2009 alle ore 16:15

 Felicitaciones por tu trabajo, me agradan mucho lalos colores elegidos para tus obras, bravo!!!!

commento di VALDIVIA sull'opera There is someone who cares - domenica 02 agosto 2009 alle ore 09:30


me agradan mucho lalos colores



commento di Damiano Messina sull'opera There is someone who cares - giovedì 27 agosto 2009 alle ore 09:25

Bravo.mucho colores.Hablo poco espanol

La tua originalita' mi piace

Congratulaziones amigo


commento di Samire' sull'opera We must continue - venerdì 06 novembre 2009 alle ore 20:31

SEi forte se vuoi scrivimi


commento di Samire' sull'opera Intelligence and Will dancing - venerdì 06 novembre 2009 alle ore 20:33
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