Dade Daniela Dente
Trezzo sull'Adda (MI)

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Data di nascita: 23/11/1963
Residenza: Trezzo sull'Adda - MI

Brief Biographical Notes - Tooth Daniela in art DADE
Painter, Engraver, Restorer. Born and grown in Milan, she studies art, practice in restoration workshops and have experiences in various creative workshops. To pay her studies, she works for the European Scholl of Oncology  (Directed by Prof.. U. Veronesi  and Prof. U. Pastorino) as a director mailing.
Since 1987 she works as a restorer both with the Conservative and the painter (on canvas, wooden tables, stone and frescoes), for “Superintendence of Cultural Heritage”, and for private clients (Convent of the Divine Motherhood, Concesa -- SS.Redentore Church, Bettola Pozzo d’ Adda -- Church of SS. Gervasio and Protasio, Trezzo sull’Adda -- Church of St. Louis, Cornate d’Adda ...).
As an artist, she participates in group exhibitions, personal and international exhibitions of contemporary art in Italy and abroad. His creative journey leads her to investigate and experiment with techniques such as perspective anamorphosis, modeling clay, blown glass painting of the '500.. She learns the technique of leaded glass windows, and also cardboard, ceramic painting, and more ... Portraiter, landscaper, painted animals and nature in general, from figurative to more traditional graphic influences, the abstract, the most recent work are synthetic and compact, where she hatched a more solid and thoughtful composition, in which there are stabs of sharp, sometimes irreverent, humor.
Her experiences prompted her paintings and graphics research, experimenting with new techniques and media, using various materials. Over the years she teaches restoration, chromatology and creative subjects in primary schools, she is art reference of “Associazione Culturale Milanocosa”, she has worked for ten years as a voluntary (ABIO), Unit of the Pediatric Hospital of Melzo; she is interested in polluted environment and animal lover, she is convinced that peace is actively engaged in the defense of human rights. This path of social culture is also seen in her experienced creative works, her works include the past, present and future ... The "character" born from dialogue, from open discussion between life and creative, talent is work, just as those born to a mental leaps that allow communication to stand out from all others.

PUBLICATIONS: Countercurrent n.30/2004 - Countercurrent n.33/2005 - From Real Imaginary, ed. Comed - Vernissage (Austria) - Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna and Viareggio - Interventions n.3/2010, Monaco (Germany) - Comed Art Yearbook, 2010 - The New Poster and Constructivism. Bocca, Milan - Boe, 2010 - The Art Newspaper, London - The Dear and Giorgio Moroder. Bocca, Milan - Artists of the Permanent Gravesend, New Delta Publishing, 2008 - Tibet and Spirituality (Villa Casati, Cologno Monzese) and. Erregi - Pets between art and therapy, (The Guarantor for the protection of animals-Culture) City of London - Earth and Heaven Tibet, Tibetan Culture House Coligno M.ze Ed (I) - What is a seed for an artist? Garden artist from sowing to harvest ... to the Expo 2015 - two thousand and Artists of the Permanente, Milan, 2010 - - Milanosette, (I) - Il Giorno (Milan) - Viareggio Il Resto del Carlino, Bologna-Piacenza Live ...

International Contemporary Art Fairs
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2012
Imagine, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2011
Kunstmesse Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, 2011
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2011
Akzent, Graz, Austria 2010
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2010
Kunstmesse Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria, 2009
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2009
Imagina, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2008
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2008
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria, 2007
ArtNimes, Nimes, France, 2005

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