Daniele Cambria

Daniele Cambria Daniele Cambria
Ariano Irpino (AV)

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Data di nascita: 28/05/1978
Residenza: Ariano Irpino - AV

 Daniele Cambria was born in Avellino (Italy) in 1978, studied in Potenza, where he got his degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences in 2007 and a PhD in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in 2011. Now he lives in Ariano Irpino.

Cambria’s passion for photography began in 2007, when he got his first digital reflex, and has started taking photos ever since.

In the world of photography I’m an autodidact….I just want to learn how the world can be observed.


I try to never be satisfied, this way I will always be challenging my spirit.

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