Johanson Alex Johanson
Andrychów (Polonia)

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Data di nascita: 19/11/1966
Residenza: Andrychów - Polonia

Alex Johanson
is an artist who has been working ceramics, painting and sculpture ... Fascinated by the Polish landscape, folklore and history, if only has a chance to do so ,he goes to the mountains and creates his original and unusual works with interesting forms and colors. Among them, you can find women with a slim waist and big breasts, men in top hats or Lajkonik woman .. He recently created a short series of sculptures, which, because of its uniqueness and high artistic standards are sought and collected by galleries and private individuals. The most cycles are: "Kisses", "Cat... sons", "Bird... sons", "After the Christmas Carol", or "EURO 2012 - Supporters"

  • Ram...son
  • Angel, ceramic sculpture
  • Holland Holland!!
  • Rock kiss, ceramic sculpture
  • Gizela and her pirate, wooden sculpture
  • 16 days to ...EURO

Commenti sulle opere di Johanson:

Le tue opere sono originalissime e divertenti. Mi piacciono.

commento di Marinella Albora sull'opera Lady J - grandmother - venerdì 20 maggio 2011 alle ore 16:48

Dobrze, oryginalny, ironiczny



commento di Enrico Merli sull'opera 3 Kings, ceramic sculpture - venerdì 20 maggio 2011 alle ore 21:00

 geniale come sempre!

commento di Sara Stradi sull'opera Rock kiss, ceramic sculpture - lunedì 07 novembre 2011 alle ore 00:54

 divino come sempre!

commento di Sara Stradi sull'opera Kissing supporters make me blue - domenica 12 febbraio 2012 alle ore 15:50
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