John Gianni Deserri
Ferrara (FE)

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Data di nascita: 13/07/1948
Residenza: Ferrara - FE
Telefono: 3293265755

"Curriculum" Gianni Deserri, named “John” by closed friends, was born on July the 13th 1948, in Ferrara. At 14 years he moved to Bologna where he attended the "Liceo Artistico Statale" achieving the high-school diploma of “maturità artistica”. He continued his studies enrolling 'Academy of Fine Arts, in section of “Sculpture and Plastic Arts”. At 24 becomes first Assistant and then Professor at Liceo Artistico where was a student, moving later at the State Art Institute for over thirty years. He is currently responsible for the laboratory of sculpture for artistic association "Club Amici dell’Arte" of Ferrara, Italy. Ever since he was a boy had participated in numerous exhibitions collective and personal, won prizes at local and national levels. His works of sculpture, painting, graphics, are placed in public and private structures. The career of Gianni Deserri is basically dominated by the human figure, which is the absolute core of his creativity, devised over the years. His artistic experience starting as a student and increasing as a professor and professional, have made it possible to deal with a highly personal artistic project, shaping the art of "real" (figurative and linked to faithful reproduction of human and nature), going through a more marked and personalized symbolism. The concepts that bind are the Movement, the “Synthesis” and a strong “Expressionism” that veils and characterizes every opera, in his art prevail stylisation of some aspects of reality in order to identify feelings, emotional and expressive values. After the first years of career conditioned by the faithful reproduction of subjects, his attention focuses mainly on the movement, which is never split, but schematized, limited, imprisoned or left completely free to roll on the figures. The inner world of human beings, the conscious world and, partially, also the exploration of unconscious, are shaped without ever turn into something static, but always full of movement, rich of strength and chromatic interpretation. A kind of art that knows how to be figurative, but at same time highly expressive and current: in two words, totally modern



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