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Berlin Potzdamer Platz (Kesrob)

Berlin Potzdamer Platz

  • Titolo: Berlin Potzdamer Platz
  • Genere: Painting
  • Tecnica: Acrilyc on streched canvas
  • Misure: 100*80*2 cm
  • Prezzo: 3.600 €
  • Descrizione: Glass dome and the shrouds of the Sony Centre If you are interested in this painting or something like it, please contact me or visit my personal website for shopping: http://kesrobsart.weebly.com/cityscape.html I‘d be glad to assist you.
  • Tags: Cityscape, Berlin, Sony centre, Famous building
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 davvero interessante quest opera, complimenti:)



postato da Gabo - domenica 23 marzo 2014 alle ore 19:40

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