Massimiliano Callari

Massimiliano Callari Massimiliano Callari
Roma (RM)

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Data di nascita: 30/11/1971
Residenza: Roma - RM

Massimiliano Callari was born in 1971 in Rome. 
Has known since a young age the world of galleries and great artists including D.Purificato, A.Riso, M.Haupt, I.Kodra, I.Peikov. 
Knowledge with the Art he deepens during superior studies at the Artistic Liceum and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in the Scenography section. 
During this time is lucky to learn by illustrious masters and important historians as R.Lotto, E.Floridia, E.Masci, R.Almagno, F.Vergoz, G.Scalco, R.Bossaglia, M.Marini. 
Is visual artist: informal painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, art of photography; considers his work a continuous introspective and intimate search, is contrary to sensationalism, he doesn't like the homologation of his own art. 
About his work as artist writes C.Savini (Professor, Critical, Historical, President of the European Academy of Critics of Art and Letters in Brussels). 
Important collaborations, personal exhibitions and participation in collective exhibitions in art galleries, institutional sites, prestigious spaces in some Italian cities. 
Lives and works in Rome. 

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