Mauro Di Francescantonio

Mauro Di Francescantonio Mauro Di Francescantonio
Pescara (PE)

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Data di nascita: 10/02/1962
Residenza: Pescara - PE


I'm born in 1962 in Italy
Self-taught, I Started a young paint participating in the first painting competition for young painters "City of Peoples" Italy in 1973 and has Won the first prize.
After Having studied art at the Art School I Worked in watercolor and drawing landscapes and glimpses of my land.
1990 abstract beginning, action painting, academicism of traditional labor Gone in a journey of emotions, likes Action, Creative Moment, the Formed energy on the canvas.
In the '90 meta traveling in South America, fascinated from the colors of the Amazonian landscapes and the Caribbean will be an inspiration for the future job.
And 'It attracted by the projection of light in the context of the elements.
Experimentation, research and innovation are the basis of my art.

Critic :
Mauro Di Francescantonio, began painting at the age of eleven, but only through a long process, which has quickly established itself as careful interpreter of the landscape, he landed a thorough deconstruction, in which you may well recognize as he comes close to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, standing on the line of abstract expressionism.
The further away germs of his images but could also be found in some details of the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, from which, a number of evaluation, seem to spring in the painting of Mauro Di Francescantonio multicolored shards, combined or intersected often supple strokes, as in a kaleidoscope of infinite combinations. And who has never been able to resist the ineffable charm of these geometries? One can not but observe, however, as in the works of Di Francescantonio, these are further broken down into a never-ending quest for harmony of lines and colors whose outcome, in an apparent informality of the composition, however, it can also suggest certain dream images glimpsed in margin of future worlds described by the fantasy stories of the best cinematography.
In his most recent production, the artist, in approaching all '"lyrical abstraction" advocated by Georges Mathieu, is expressed even more essential, and the movement of course random splashes of paint takes place on color backgrounds of perfect geometry, now juxtaposed in different gradations and now dissonant, so that the sign - as he says - to be configured in a balanced synthesis of composition.
But if, even in Friedrich, the dissolution of form stems from the inexplicable and irresistible force of nature, for our Maurocaribe, it manifests the equally irresistible power of imagination. And it is in the contemplation of his pictorial outcome that the viewer takes in the entire extraordinary fantastic vision of the author, expressed in images of balance and harmony of light and color that seems to calm down all his creative torment.
Adriano Ghisetti Giavarina
University "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University, Chieti - Pescara


1973 vince il 1° Premio "Estemporanea giovani pittori" città di Popoli Abruzzo italy

1982 Estemporanea di Pittura -  Penne Pe italy
1982 1° Collettiva" Pennello d'oro " Popoli Pe italy
1983 2° Collettiva" Pennello d'oro " Popoli Pe italy
1983 8° Rassegna nazionale di Pittura e Grafica -Pratola Peligna Aq italy
1985 6° Concorso di Pittura -Castiglione a Casauria Pe italy
1985 Estemporanea  di Pittura - Ortona Ch italy
1986 Personale  di Pittura - Campo di Giove Aq italy
1989 Personale di Pittura - Pescocostanzo Aq italy
1989 Espone  i suoi lavori di design  al  Mart  di Firenze, viene menzionato dalla rivista tedesca Gold &             
 2001  Espone alla 2° Rassegna di arti visive "Corradino D'Ascanio" italy






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