Jane in wonderland

Jane in wonderland Segnalato da Madgallery


Categoria: Mostre

Data: dal 28 giugno 2018 al 29 giugno 2018

Indirizzo: Corso San Gottardo 18

Provincia: Milano

Sito internet: https://www.madgallerymilano.com/jane-gottlieb

E-mail: madgallerymilano@gmail.com

The californian artist Jane Gottlieb, with her artworks, is a genius in creating an atmosphere similar to Alice in wonderland, with shapes and surreal colours. Jane enchants the spectator’s eyes with her electric fluo colours that create a dreamy and fantastic scenario, where people’s mind are free to loose themselves and immerse them in a parallel world. The reality is destroyed by the fantasy. A palette of saturated colors at the highest levels is applied to each photograph creating a distorted and manipulated reality. Details emerge from the brilliant contrast of color. Loading the emotional point of view through colours, Jane activates a mental process based on the unconscious analogies we are used to establish between a certain tone and the related state of mind.  She brings happiness in our life. 

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