Clio Art Fair

Clio Art Fair
New York City (U.S.A.)

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 The name is etymologically derived from the Greek root κλέω/κλείω meaning “to recount,” “to celebrate,” or “to make famous.”

With a nod to its inspiration, CLIO ART FAIR has been created with the idea of showcasing the careers and achievements of already affirmed creative minds.

By specifically targeting artists without any exclusive NYC gallery representation, CLIO ART FAIR focuses attention on the kinds of contemporary art and interventions that are being created by independent artists the world over, since 2014.

Without the constraints and usual concerns of the art business, the selected artists have been freed up to use different materials and media and to deviate from accepted art practice definitions.The resulting work being exhibited seeks to foster a dialogue that transcends prescribed geographies, hierarchies, and markets; and to further opportunities for greater expression of new media and ever ground-breaking content.


Clio Art Fair opens its tenth edition on March 5th, 2020!

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