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Palm of Majorca (Spagna)

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  • The enigma of George Bush.
  • The paranoia of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The crucifixion on the piano with boy's form.
  • Around to the deep incubation.
  • The frog melody and some perfume.
  • Doctor Adhamudhi and the big hand with small people
  • The melancholic guitar.
  • The small islands of the great boredom.
  • Doss&Bitachi.
  • And the flies are important in the Art.
  • The melody of the fearsome and dangerous ears.
  •  In the planet of the corns,is speaking more about Earth.
  • He finishes fear of the young Beethoven.
  • The visible bears and the invisible woman.
  • The leg of the elephant that is reflected in gavel roses.
  • The girl with the Rose in the setting of the Sun.
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