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Tutte le opere di Fabrizio Morlando

  • (At the end of your) Rope
  • Unnatural movement
  • Just another coloured cage
  • Life in terms of temporariness
  • (Your heart used to be) Bent and broken
  • Brain at the breaking point
  • Bird of sorrow
  • Cut flowers last longer
  • The Life You Were Meant to Live
  • Crosses
  • The calculable programming of an automatic repetition
  • Suspicious eyes of the flower
  • Language in treatment
  • Abandoned ruin (in the childish memory)
  • Inner demons (outer exhausted angels)
  • Albatross (flying on the vast expanse)
  • Lovers in bed
  • One day we will fully bloom
  • Love made hell
  • A nest of thorns and dead birds (before your eyes made me visible)
  • Naked and masquerade
  • Portrait of human relationships (as a spiral of loneliness and rejection)
  • The art of being alone (in the midst of others)
  • Steiner
  • View through blind eyes
  • Countryside road
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Blurred night cityscape
  • Staring off into the distance (what we left behind)
  • Us and our wounded hearts
  • Blood parabola
  • No signal
  • No matter how close we are
  • Study for eurythmic satellites (and distorted frequencies)
  • Set fire to the frightened heart
  • Hypothétique
  • And death shall have no dominion
  • Safe inner harbour
  • In the whistle of a faraway train
  • Summertime loneliness
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