Max Callari

Max Callari Massimiliano Callari
Roma (RM)

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Data di nascita: 30/11/1971
Residenza: Roma - RM

Max Callari was born in Rome in 1971. 
Academic studies conducted on Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and technical studies of analog photography under the guidance of Photographer Roberto Bossaglia. He learned to shoot according to the traditional, realizes his shots with SLRcameras. 
He loves to observe and "see" all the realities that surround him.


"Max Callari, shots of Author in the civilization of the images"

Prof.Carlo Savini
Critic and Art Historian
President UECAL Academy - Brussels

All sociologists agree to establish, among other things, our time as that of "technological civilization of images" created by the invention of photography that allows you to secure, document, transmit images of human figures, historical events, situations and social activities and economic landscapes and urban realities, ways of life, fleeting moments of everyday life, tragedies and disasters that no less joyous occasions and forms of solidarity, the wonders of nature, with a simple click of the camera shutter. A revolutionary invention that is the basis of the subsequent film and TV applications, computer and portable media. Anyone can take a picture of the instrument now because the technology does the rest, just aim to take what you want and press a button, but few know what to do with shooting a work of art, an aesthetic communication and conceptualcapable of giving involving feelings, able to go beyond the mere reality depicted: one gesture to create a complete work, rich in values. It 'must have a perfect knowledge of all the equipment and its potential use, the optimal conditions for image capture. But still not enough: it takes a special sensitivity in portraying as a graphic art, a painter, a sculptor. It 'a matter of innate talent, sense of beauty, of inner consciousness what it means to become effective with the release of instant communication of content and purpose. Even more than in other forms of visual art, the photographer must have a quality in itself also an ethical conscience of the unfolding involves the viewer emotionally and psychologically the picture, with positive or negative. If the ethics of art photography is to convey the aesthetic sense of beauty that inspires the good. It is no coincidence that in ancient languages, Aramaic Sanskrit, the word "beautiful" also means "good" and vice versa. The camera lens retracts and the harsh cold reality. It's this eye and the hand of those who use the tool to ensure that this reality is transfigured.How do you get that? It 'a matter of choice of subject, camera angles, lighting, the ability to capture the moment, the whole or the particular, the use of black and white or color, filters, sometimes the type of lens and so on . Only the photographer can do everything an artist guided by his aesthetic sensibility and his creative genius who becomes a very personal way, thus defining the style of the author himself. Many people may ask why, for many logical, however, of what is written above. The reason is the way to take pictures of Massimiliano Callari, the key to the reading of his works which, not coincidentally, we defined "Click the Author", ie of real artistic photographs. His aesthetic personality is expressed predominantly in the portraits of women and sometimes men, characterized by specific postures of the bodies and faces, but particularly by expressions of the faces portrayed, accentuated by the intense gaze of eyes that always seem to be a mirror of the most intimate inner and at the same time, transparency of communication of your mood to others. In Max, so call relatives and friends, like the first floor, the very first plan that captures the most important detail, as well as in his photographs of views of the environment, also played on several floors with a prospective start element visual foreground. Another factor to be detected in images of this author, revealing factor in his conception of life and property, persons in society, is the thinking that emerges from the serene faces and the sights, the environment, the tranquility of cycling in contrast to the noisy traffic, the dignity of old age, voluntary commitment of the elderly, not only to feel more lively and useful, rich in experience in a society that tends to marginizzarli economist or ghettoized in "centers for the elderly" , but above all for the good they can offer to those who need it most. His resume is full of relevant information concerning the preparation of his artistic and photographic, of his participation in exhibitions in Italy both collective and personal. But what matters most are the results that failed to reach, are more than positive evaluations made by critics, the press and public about his photographic works. How did a fine up to now is not the ultimate limit of what can be achieved with his shots. Are you sure that you will further develop its potential through its continuous commitment to research technical, aesthetic and thematic. Already more than qualified can be a photographer or film, as well as photographic artist, special and worthy of greater knowledge and attention. The Academy of Art Critics of the European Union in Brussels and Letters recognizes these qualities and will not fail to report them appropriately in the relevant fora through their Members of the various EU countries because it deserves it. that surround him.

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