Odinelpierrejunior Odinel Pierre
miam (U.S.A.)

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Data di nascita: 10/10/1976
Residenza: miam - U.S.A.

  painter, illustrator,graphic designer,with all the imaginary, the spontaneity and the simplicity that goes with it, is at the center of his work.
It is not surprising to know that unique style and his personal artistic vision have been approved unanimously. his artwork have been displayed in the most florida art galleries.

he consistently created portraits and abstract forms in various media reliefs, collages, painted cutouts, sculpture in the round ,. Often given a humorous touch, his works contain elements of organic form while retaining their essential abstraction, although it is clear that he belonged to a family of talents. His paintings, executed in brilliant colors and with an uncanny mastery of detail, are filled with strangely animated objects, bizarre shapes, and monstrous, amusing, or diabolical figures however, is obscure and has consistently defied unified interpretation. odinel clearly had an interest in the grotesque, the diabolical, the exuberant, and the macabre. He also may have been one of the few caribbean. painter to depict scenes of everyday life, although often with a strong element of the bizarre. influenced by the art of jacob lawrence,

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