Safir Pantea Dorina
Deva (Romania)

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Data di nascita: 23/11/1987
Residenza: Deva - Romania

Over the years of study in faculty, master and PHD studies, I gained the experience and values ​​necessary for any artist, also I consider that the diversity in ideas and concepts is an essential addition to development and introduction of 'innovation in the Art World: the image create the most magnificent cocktail of effect and sensation.
What I mean is that I am professionally trained and educated in both traditional and digital art, but always there are new things to learn, just to be given the chance to do so.
The new values ​​that I would bring through my creation in Art is that the diversity and originality would be present in my ideas and artworks that would become not only feasible but also of massive impact.My works are mostly oil on canvas, but I also like to make drawings - coal on paper. I like to give a little character to every work I make, so I can say that I have a specific style: a mixing of symbolism with surrealism and photorealism but the result will always depend on the theme and subject and especially on my approach and vision .

  • Death Clothed as Maiden
  • Red tulips bouquet still life
  • Belladonna
  • Spring Bouquet still life
  • Judith lost innocence
  • Selina

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