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Data: dal 01 novembre 2011 al 07 novembre 2011

Indirizzo: Sarasota.

Nazione: U.S.A.

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 Coming November 1 – 7, The 2011 Sarasota Chalk Festival, ‘Pavement Art through the Ages’, will trace the evolution of this ephemeral art-form from its thinly documented ancient roots to today’s diverse contemporary movements. A Gallery show featuring and curated by Kurt Wenner will be hosted by the Ringling College of Art and Design that will display historical documentation of Pavement Art and innovations of his own art on pavement.

Starting November 1st, local artists and artists from around the world will travel to Sarasota to transform South Pineapple Avenue in Burns Square into a walking performance art museum of art history creating street paintings in the ‘Pavement Art through the Ages’ or going vertical with the ‘Art of Graffiti’. Portions of South Pineapple will start closing down on Tuesday, November 1st for the artists creating the oversized street paintings. Every day starting November 1st, graffiti artists will be performing and painting throughout the City of Sarasota. On Friday morning, November 4th, all of South Pineapple Avenue from Orange to Dolphin Street will close for all street painters to start. Friday evening at 6pm the artists participating in the honoring of the 24-hour Grazie di Curtatone Madonnari Competition will start and paint for 24-hours straight. Artists will all finish painting by Sunday afternoon. Completed works of art can be viewed on Monday, November 7th while South Pineapple remains closed for the day.

Demonstrations on various techniques of street painting will be available by various professionals. Lectures and demonstrations on the history of pavement art, perspective and illusions, street painting techniques, architecture and architectural ornamentations, and much more so stay tuned to the schedule of events that will be posted under 2011 Featured & Special Events section of the website.

Featured Event: A magnificent outdoor stage will be created by artist Micheal Kirby for the Sarasota Opera to perform at the event. The singers will perform excerpts from Madame Butterfly for the first time outdoors for all. Between the Opera acts various performers will take the stage to trick you with magic, read poetry, play music, dance and act out plays of comedy and tragedy.


BEATEN EARTH: The entrance to the festival will start with one of the earliest known pavement art forms “terra battuta” (beaten earth) by one of the most famous street painters of our time (TBA).

HISTORICAL PAVEMENT ART: Thereafter hundreds of years of Italian culture will be depicted by artists as they each embark on various periods of time prior to WWII in 1939.

FIRST FESTIVAL: A segment of the festival will honor and recreate the first street painting festival that started in Mantua, Italy in 1973 the Grazie di Curtatone. With the desire to preserve the street painting art form that virtually disappeared after WWII, the Mantua festival invited the last known artists with the oldest being in his 90′s. The festival is a 24-hour competition with strict rules. The highest honors is to be awarded the Maestro Madonnaro/Madonnari.

3D PAVEMENT ART: Starting in the early 1980′s American artist Kurt Wenner was inspired by anamorphism, a technique used in frescoed ceilings to create the illusion of height, he devised a unique geometry that enabled him to bring this illusions to the horizontal surface of the street. This new art form, known as anamorphic, illusionistic or simply 3-D street painting has become a worldwide phenomenon with many fabulous artists showcasing their 3-D skills.

CONTEMPORARY: Artists today beat to their own drum and the historical culture that held onto the art form for hundreds of years is changing and changing fast. This area will show all the varied movements taking place around the world with artists wanting to express their individuality.

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