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Fountain Artistic (Architect Reggio Calabria)

Fountain Artistic

  • Titolo: Fountain Artistic
  • Genere: Scultura
  • Tecnica: Scolpita a mano
  • Descrizione: Fountain Artistic in Piazza Santo Stefano, in the historic center of Varapodio (Reggio Calabria-Italy), the new artistic fountain stone hand-carved decorations and friezes. Artwork and sculptures made of solid stone (Lazzaro).
  • Tags: fontana, fontana artistica, Fountain Artistic
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Commenti sull'opera Fountain Artistic:

3D Rendering Exterior

► Rendering of external environment can the three-dimensional model inqualsiasi atmospheric and environmental situation. The possibility dirichiedere rendering either day or night, choosing in anticipol'intensità of light that the commission deems proper.

► Enhancement of architectural project by adding a high degree direalismo and a touch of fantasy. The final render will sviluppatosfruttando the best angles and views, highlighting the best iparticolari architectural and creative vision.

Surveying and photogrammetric

► Reliefs, instrumental Total Station laser historic facades, facades Digrandi size, structural elements, and all elementiriconducibili a photogrammetric survey.

► With the 'support of high-resolution photographic surveys, restituiamol'oggetto noted, in an extremely comprehensive and precise, giving the buyer, the Photo rototranslation perfettaente inscala, DWG conversion and vector both elementipropri (windows, doors, Greek), both derivatives of the elements (cracks, crevices, detachment of plaster, etc.). Delivery is © DWG second release choice georeferenced.

Designer Pasquale Bonarrigo

postato da Architect Reggio Calabria - venerdì 11 dicembre 2009 alle ore 20:28

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